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Proud of our Veterans

Proud of our Veterans

Thank You to our Veterans!!!

Our Veterans are among our most valuable resource as a nation, they embody our naitonal spirit and have sacrificed more than most to protect our freedom.

Unfortunately, most Veterans are unable to recieve any dental insurance through the VA unless wounded in the mouth during their service. This leaves some of our vets without the means to recieve even basic dental care.  In honour of these Veterans, this year during Memorial Day weekend,  Dr. Culver teamed up with two of his collegues to provide over $50,000 worth of free dental care to more than 70 vets. To read more about the free clinic follow this link: http://www.wtrf.com/story/29914104/local-dentists-provide-free-care-for-vets

Again, we want to extend a deep ‘Thank You’ to all our Vets and the sacrifices they have made to ensure the prosperity of our nation!

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