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Dental Implants have revolutionized our treatment options to rehabilitate missing teeth. Gone are the days that we would have to just adjust to the spaces left by missing teeth. Dental Implants can now be placed to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or an entire set.

Dental Implant Options:

  • With advance technology and special training our Doctor has the ability to place several different types of implants. We can now place implants with precision and accuracy into sites that were previously considered too narrow or lacked proper bone.
  • There are 3 basic implant types. Like a set of golf clubs, each has a specific scenario in which they excel. You wouldn’t want to be whacking at a ball buried in the sand with your putter. So here’s a brief overview of the types of implants and their benefits.

The Standard Implant:

  • This is usually what people think of when dental implants come to mind. It has the widest range of applications. It can be used to replace a single tooth or a pair can help stabilize lower dentures. If enough bone width and height is available, this would be our work horse. But because of its length and width, it occasionally runs into problems when placed near the sinus cavity or areas of inadequate bone availability.

The Mini Implant:

  • For the tight spaces between lower front teeth or an alternative to stabilize dentures, mini implants are the perfect option. These implants have the same length ranges as traditional implants but have a more narrow diameter. This allows them to be placed in areas of little bone thickness that would have to be grafted if using traditional implants. Another benefit is cost, mini implants are the most affordable option among the dental implant family.

The Short Implant:

  • Short in length but wide in diameter. These implants are perfect to replace top molars that would otherwise need an additional sinus augmentation procedure or with lower teeth that are in close proximity to the nerve located in your lower jaw. Due to the decreased length requirement we can utilize them in areas of previously inadequate bone height.
  • Our implant choice will be based on your specific situation and bone topography. We now have more options than ever and can place implants in sites that we couldn’t in the past.
  • In summary, everyones needs are unique and the experience will differ depending on your specific situation. We offer complimentary implant consults to discuss your specific situation and options. We encourage you to call us at 412-906-9179. We look forward to helping you reach pristine dental health.

The Dental Implant Experience – What to Expect?

  • Every experience at our office is highly personalized and we always start by talking. We talk to you about your dental needs, your desires, your fears and everything else that is important to YOU. Our primary concern is and always will be making you feel completely comfortable and make sure all your questions are thoroughly addressed. Only through our conversations will we develop a better understanding of your needs and formulate a proper treatment plan that addresses these concerns.
  • If we decide together dental implants are the correct treatment, our fist step will depend on your current situation. If teeth need to be removed we will do so and let the area heal completely, approximately 6-12 weeks, before continuing with the dental implants. If the area has already completely healed we would begin with a CBCT scan.
  • This digital scan provides us with a detailed map of you jaw structure and bone morphology. This map shows us the precise location of all the areas that need to be avoided during surgery, down to the millimeter, before the day of implant placement. The scan substantially decreases surprises and allows incomparable precision during the procedure. This improves healing time and exponentially decreases post op complication.
  • With the blueprint in hand and the details repeatedly checked, all that’s left is the implant placement. We will begin by numbing the location similarly to a filling appointment. After complete anesthesia is confirmed, we begin with a small diameter implant drill that is subsequently increased in diameter until the desired size is reached. You should never feel any discomfort, only a mild vibration sensation. The implant is then carefully placed at the prepared site.
  • With the proper pre-surgery planning and surgical knowledge it’s that easy. Depending on the number of implants and location the procedure can take as little as 30 minutes. Through out the whole procedure we give you complete control. If you need a break, you get a break. If you need some water, drink away. If you want to talk about your crazy neighbors, we will hear you out. We always schedule plenty of time so that the day is never rushed and our focus never leaves you.
  • Although there are some scenarios where we will place a temporary tooth at the site the day of the surgery, we generally wait 12 weeks to allow the titanium implant to completely bond with the surrounding bone. This greatly increase the long-term success rate of the implants. After the proper healing period, the final placement of the definitive restoration is placed and the fun begins. Your teeth are back. Smile, laugh, and rejoice. Sing if that’s your thing. We encourage a date night that includes eating anything you want.

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My experience with Dr. Culver and his staff has been exceptional. I normally have anxiety with the Dentist experience. The Dr. and staff were VERY respective of my anxiety, they provided an atmosphere of comfort through good communication and professional confidence during many visits. I have recommended Pittsburgh Dental Associates to my friends, and to my family who uses them as well

Dan Barone

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Met Dr. Culver for the first time and truly enjoyed the experience (unusual to say about a visit to the dentist). He and Autumn, his wife and hygienist, are young, friendly, and very competent. He took extra time to explain what needs to be done and even described some options for an even more beautiful smile. The office staff is very friendly and they offer appointments at convenient times. Both my husband and I visit the dentist twice yearly and we look forward to being patients of this practice.

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